Century Home – Interior Photos

Well, i’m only about 5 months behind schedule updating this blog.  We finished the Century flip about 4 months ago and have moved on to other fabulous rehab projects.  But I never shared the final product with you! It was a tremendous process, but we’re glad its over.  Here’s the final product:

003 - 3079EuclidHeightsBlvd 005 - 3079EuclidHeightsBlvd 006 - 3079EuclidHeightsBlvd 007 - 3079EuclidHeightsBlvd 009 - 3079EuclidHeightsBlvd 010 - 3079EuclidHeightsBlvd 011 - 3079EuclidHeightsBlvd 012 - 3079EuclidHeightsBlvd 014 - 3079EuclidHeightsBlvd 015 - 3079EuclidHeightsBlvd 017 - 3079EuclidHeightsBlvd


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